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Features for Buyers

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Rated Merchants

Sellers are rated by their customers after a transaction is made and you will be able to see a seller's average rating to help you make a decision. You can also contribute to a seller's rating at the end of your transaction.

Multiple Payment Options

Our platform has you covered by providing you with different payment options. Pay through the internet, your mobile phone or use any of our local agents. You can get all these options from your single YenePay account.

Safe and Secure

Our platform provides you with multiple level of security to keep your credentials safe and help prevent fraudulent transaction from happening.

Print Invoice Anytime

Your transaction history is kept safely with us and you can get a digitally signed invoice of a payment you made at any time with just a few clicks.

Refund & Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises with your seller, or want to get your money back and return the item you purchased, our platform is well equipped to handle such scenarios.

Help and Support

The support documentation on our platform is full of features and you will find any information you will need there. Our customer services team will also be working ever diligently to assist you with any difficulty via phone, email or our social pages.

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About YenePay

YenePay is an account based online payment platform for ethiopian businesses to sell and collect payment electronically using web and mobile technologies.


YenePay Financial Technologies P.L.C.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone Number: (+251) 912-622729, (+251) 912-157173