How it works

Please see these steps to learn how our payment system works


Step 1: Payment is required

A registered YenePay merchant creates an entry point for making a payment on a website or mobile app that has been integrated with YenePay.


Step 2: A user pays with YenePay

A buyer makes a payment using their internet banking account, mobile banking account, YenePay balance or agents.


Step 3: Seller gets notified about payment

Notifications are sent to the merchant and the buyer with a summary of the transaction and the payment status. YenePay has an online and telephone customer service in case of any queries.


Step 4: Product/ Service delivered

The buyer receives the product/service they paid for. YenePay provides dispute resolution mechanisms and supports payment reversal in case of any issues.


Step 5: Payment settled

The merchant issues a payment request by logging into their YenePay account and YenePay settles the payment within hours.

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About YenePay

YenePay is an account based online payment platform for ethiopian businesses to sell and collect payment electronically using web and mobile technologies.


YenePay Financial Technologies P.L.C.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone Number: (+251) 912-622729, (+251) 912-157173